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How can tourists claim VAT refund in Dubai?

Early this year, the UAE Government made the move of implementing VAT in the UAE. However, they promised that the tourists will be offered a refund scheme. In April 2018, the regulatory body for VAT – the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) – did confirm that a VAT refund system will be soon introduced. Yet, there was a lot of confusion in terms of how to claim VAT refund in Dubai for tourists.

But now it is all clear! The Federal Tax Authority has now put down the guidelines on VAT refund for tourists in Dubai and across the UAE. They will also place VAT refund counter at Dubai airport and have plans to sign retail contracts for opening VAT refund counters across the UAE.

If you are a tourist and are wondering how to claim VAT refund in Dubai! Then there are the few things you need to know:

  1. VAT refund can be only claimed while existing UAE.
  2. VAT refund will be done by an electronic system and will have zero human involvement.
  3. To claim VAT refund in Dubai you must preserve the transactions receipts and bills.
  4. After submitting the receipts and bills along with the travel documents refund will be credited to your account. Cash refunds will also be enabled.
  5. Favored mode of reimbursements will be mentioned by the merchant and added into the tax system at the time of purchase.
  6. Remember to buy goods from registered retailers, as the FTA system will only consider registered retailers for VAT refunds.
  7. At the time of exit, the taxable supplies will be checked by the UAE ports & customs department to confirm if a refund is applicable to this given product.
  8. The tax refund system will be only applicable to people on a tourist visa with the intention to leave the country in a maximum 90 days.
  9. The product should have been purchased within the 90 days term of the tourist visa to be considered under tax refund in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.
  10. Some goods may be exempted from the tax refund system as per the guidelines provided by the FTA.

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