International Taxation

Dealing with the ever-changing international taxation laws can be a tricky business for the firms that are thinking of the global expansion. Every country has different tax rules as a result of which it becomes important for firms to ensure compliance with the tax rules of the country they wish to operate in. As per the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), the firms that do not comply with the international tax laws will be subjected to pay heavy fine as a penalty w.e.f. 1st January, 2018.

Therefore, for managing international tax issues, the best resort is to consult a highly qualified tax agent who has adequate knowledge about tax laws and regulations across different countries. Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants is one of the most reputable accounting and consulting firms in UAE. We house the best tax consultants in Dubai. who are not only well-versed with UAE’s laws but also with the tax rules of all the major countries which are a hot spot for various businesses to expand/set up their business. We will help your business avoid the risks associated with the international tax system and help managing the international regulations around the world in the most efficient manner.

Our expert team of advisors and consultants have a great amount of experience in dealing with the international laws of various countries and help businesses solve their cross border tax difficulties. With our customized consultation and accounting services, we help clients minimize their tax liabilities and offer them complete guidance on all kinds of taxation issues that they might be facing. Our tax experts keep themselves updated with the latest tax reforms and assist you on how to best adapt to the tax requirements of the countries where you wish to operate.

Shuraa Tax promises to give you 100% assistance on all your worries regarding international tax issues and even going beyond it to provide you with the solutions related to other taxation issues. We are a Dubai based tax agency that provides all kinds of tax assistance and VAT related services to our clients.

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