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Value Added Tax (VAT) was first introduced in the UAE in 2018. It is applied for the calculation and charging of tax on the sale of all goods and services including food items, healthcare, education, professional services, etc. In the UAE, VAT is categorised under two sections: Input & Output Tax. Input tax means reclaimable VAT, which is paid, incurred on business expenses. Input VAT reclaim option is available only to VAT registrant. On the other hand, output tax refers to tax on sales of goods and services.

The Federal Tax Authority, the chief regulatory authority for UAE taxation, has announced that all businesses whose annual revenue is AED 375,000 or more must need to register for VAT. All tax payments need to be cleared within the due date. Therefore, to ensure the legitimacy of your payments, you must maintain an accurate record of all invoices, VAT returns, accounts, and any other significant proceedings at the time of purchase.

Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants is among the trusted and top VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE. We are registered with UAE's Federal Tax Authority. We provide effective VAT assistance to our clients in VAT related areas such as VAT consulting, VAT registration, VAT returns, corporate tax registration and tax laws and regulations, Shuraa Tax is your friend and guide for your financial needs.

Choose from diverse VAT Consultancy Services in UAE:

Our team of FTA approved tax agents are not only experienced but also professional. They will collaborate to come up with a tailor-made package specially curated for your business. Here are some of the top VAT services you will need for your Dubai business:

UAE Tax Agent Services

It is important for all businesses in the UAE to have clarity about VAT laws because of their impact on operations and transactions. Moreover, staying updated on UAE's VAT regulations is critical to avoid getting penalties. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria set by the FTA, Shura Tax can help you for timely VAT reporting and to claim your VAT refunds. No matter what difficulties you face with the VAT laws, Shuraa Tax simplifies finances for you.

VAT Registration Services

All business owners in the UAE, regardless of large organisations or individual run businesses, must mandatorily complete UAE VAT registration as per required criteria. Shuraa Tax Consultants & Accountants is the best VAT consultant in Dubai, UAE. We assist you with the complete VAT registration process in accordance with the laws of the FTA. This includes filling up the VAT registration form and configuring the online account on the FTA website.

Our expert tax consultants will ensure all your accounts and documents are accurate. They will guide you through the complete process of UAE VAT registration, tax implementation, or any other necessary aspects to help your business grow.

VAT Compliance Services

As with VAT registration, it is essential for all businesses to show compliance with the VAT laws of the UAE. The UAE VAT registration and VAT return process mandates you to retain all important documents related to the business entity's financial dealings, VAT returns and more.

It is not just enough to have an in-depth knowledge of VAT laws; it is also important to know how to implement it. This is where you will need the services of experts like Shuraa Tax Consultants and accountants. They offer affordable and trusted VAT compliance services while keeping you updated on all VAT laws and help resolve your compliance issues. Our professional team of experienced tax agents and advisors guide you through the VAT laws and the impact that it will have on your business operations.

VAT Return Filing Assistance

As per the UAE VAT regulations, all taxable entities must follow the VAT return filing procedure. The Federal Tax Authorities have a special form that taxable persons must fill within 28 days from the end of each tax period. In case registrant companies or individual business owners are unable to submit their VAT returns on time, they will be liable to pay hefty fines.

Although the process for filing VAT Returns in the UAE may seem tricky or difficult to follow, it can be a breeze in the hands of the right agents. Shuraa Tax Consultants are certified and experienced tax agents based in the UAE who are listed with FTA, tax authority in UAE. Their team of advisors will go through your finances with a fine-toothed comb and based on their findings, will provide customised solutions for your business. Submit your VAT returns in no time with Shuraa Tax.

VAT De-Registration Services

There is a specific eligibility criterion to fulfil for VAT registration in the UAE. In case businesses are not eligible to meet those requirements, they can apply for TRN cancellation to discontinue or mitigate the VAT registration process. UAE's VAT laws detail various reasons why VAT registration in UAE can be cancelled. Therefore, businesses that need advice on the VAT De-Registration Process can freely reach out to Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants for all VAT related queries. As the leading VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, we can take care of all tax & VAT management needs.

Additional Services We Offer:

Corporate Tax Registration Bookkeeping & Accounts Outsourcing
Corporate Tax return filing services Accounts Review Services Tax Residency Certificate
Excise Advisory and return filing MIS Reporting & Compliance Services Economic Substance Reporting
Excise Tax Registration Payroll Services Feasibility Study Reporting
Tax Compliance Service Budgeting services AML registration
Tax Penalty Appeal

Why Choose Shuraa Tax as vat consultants in Dubai?

Shuraa Tax Consultants & Accountants is your one-stop solution to securing your business' finances in the UAE. From UAE Corporate Tax, VAT Registration and Consultancy, Book-Keeping, Accounting, Company Auditing and more, Shuraa offers reliable solutions for all your financial needs.

Our team consists of FTA approved tax agents, certified Corporate Tax agents, with several years of experience in UAE Taxation. Shuraa is known for its efficient and affordable services and is an industry leader in the UAE.

The UAE is seeking to establish itself as a global commercial hub. With that mission in mind, it is constantly updating its tax policies to make it more in line with international practises. Therefore, investors coming into the UAE need a reliable source like Shuraa Tax Consultants who can keep them updated on the latest introductions and changes to the nation's tax laws and regulations.

This is your opportunity to avail limitless opportunities in the UAE without worrying about the state of your financial health. Take advantage of the world-class services Shuraa Tax has to offer along with the knowledge of our experts.

So, take control of your business while leaving your wealth management to us. Watch your business grow and soar with Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants is UAE’s leading tax, VAT & accounting consultancy with an expert team of FTA approved tax agents and Corporate Tax agents.

The process of VAT registration and filing can be complicated and business owners may not know the entire compliancy process. Experienced VAT Consultants like Shuraa Tax can assist you with all your VAT related issues.

VAT is a general consumption tax that is applicable on most transactions of goods and services. Up to 5% VAT is applicable on the sale of consumable goods and services. Few goods and services supplies are zero rated like supply of 100% pure gold, supply of international transportation services.

Since June 1st, 2023, 9% Corporate Tax has been implemented in the UAE on certain taxable entities. Apart from VAT, CT prevailing taxes are excise tax, customs duty, taxes on tourist facilities. There is no personal income tax in UAE.

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