Accounts review services

The imposition of VAT laws in the UAE made it mandatory for the registered businesses to keep an accurate and complete record of their accounts and daily transactions. They need to keep track of their financial dealings, prepare monthly/quarterly reports on VAT and record all their Vatable transactions in compliance with the UAE VAT law. A UAE Company fails to comply VAT laws, regulations or makes any error in its VAT calculations, then as per the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) guidelines on VAT law, it will be liable to pay fines or penalties.

Review of existing records and accounting transactions from experienced, qualified team of professional will give accuracy, reliability of financial and taxation reporting.

Shuraa Tax Consultants helps Companies to maintain and manage their daily transactions as per the FTA guidelines and help them tackle the impact of VAT laws on their business. We are a leading tax agency of Dubai that aims to manage taxation burdens through our highly optimized and customized taxation services. Our aim is to assist and guide our clients on how to best manage their business operations and improve their company’s efficiency and productivity.

Our account review services cater to your accounting needs and save you from all your VAT and accounting compliance in UAE. We make sure to keep complete confidentiality and handle your business records, all in accordance with the FTA’s and UAE laws . We are a team of professional advisors, consultants, and accountants who help you with  reviews of your accounts and manage the impact of VAT laws on your business operations.

Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants is an FTA certified tax agency which is the best accounting firm in Dubai. With our highly customized tax and VAT related services, we give our clients easy and quick solutions on various taxations and accounting issues. We believe in providing high-quality services based on your company’s requirements.

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