VAT Compliance Services

As per the newly imposed VAT laws in UAE, it’s mandatory for businesses to complete their VAT registration as per the conditions laid down by the Federal Tax Authority(FTA) of UAE. When registering for VAT, it’s advisable for a firm to show compliance with the VAT laws. A registered firm will have to keep an accurate record of its financial dealings, file for VAT return periodically pay VAT liability on time in accordance with the VAT laws.

VAT laws have left a huge impact on the working of businesses and affected the way companies manage their taxes. This is because being knowledgeable of the VAT laws is not enough. Its implementation is more difficult and requires expert guidance to meet compliance requirements. Therefore, to cope up with the changes and comply with VAT laws, Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants provide reliable and trustworthy VAT compliance services.

Our team consists of a group of professional tax agents, advisors and consultants who promise to provide full assistance on compliance issues. However, this is just one of the components of our services as we provide various other taxation services to help our clients understand the VAT laws and their impact. Shuraa Tax Consultants aim to keep our clients 100% compliant with the VAT laws and regulations. With our expert guidance and support, your firm will be better able to manage its financial and taxation requirements.

We are a leading tax consultant in Dubai, housing a team of professional advisors and accountants that come from diverse educational backgrounds. They keep themselves updated with the changing VAT laws and accordingly use this knowledge to help our clients  deal with their tax management and planning issues.

Feel free to get in touch with our expert team who will offer assured assistance and support under affordable rates and at all times. Contact us now and get your worries sorted in just a couple of minutes with our speedy and accurate services.