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The excise tax will come into effect from 1st October 2017 under which all businesses dealing with the supply of excise goods will have to get registered for it. Goods that are considered unhealthy for human consumption and harmful to the environment are considered as excise goods. Businesses supplying such goods will have to complete their excise registration as per the FTA's guidelines. In case a firm is not registered for excise tax, it'll be subjected to heavy penalties.

Excise Tax shall be applicable on the following Excisable Goods in UAE:

  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Liquids used in electronic smoking devices and tools (w.e.f. 1.12.2019)
  • Electronic smoking devices and tools (w.e.f. 1.12.2019)
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Sweetened drinks (w.e.f. 1.12.2019)

Out of above, excise tax is applicable at 100% to Tobacco and tobacco products, Liquids used in electronic smoking devices and tools, Electronic smoking devices and tools (w.e.f. 1.12.2019)

Energy drinks. Carbonated and sweetened drinks are charged with excise duty of 50%

For UAE Companies, it's important to be compliant with the UAE excise tax laws and regulations not only to avoid fines but also to efficiently manage their tax planning and cash flows. To cope up with the challenges related to excise tax or any other related issue, We Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants can assist you with reliable advisory support from a tax agency.

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