Acknowledge the Taxation System with Reliable Tax Advisor Dubai

As we all know, tax payment is a crucial entity for any individual who is a part of the country. Regardless of them being nationals or ex-pats, he/she will have to pay the tax to their government according to the rules stipulated by the country. Taxes are primarily useful to render essential public services to taxpayers. However, many times the rule of the entire procedure or the taxation structure is not clear to several individuals. In case of such scenarios, a tax consultant or tax advisor is hired to avail of better guidance. Dubai, being one of the most noticeable cities among the entire UAE for any business, interests businessmen from all over the world. Hence, tax advisors are rather significant over there for obvious reasons. To know more about taxation and tax consultants in Dubai, keep reading further.

Different Types of Taxes in Dubai:

At first, we will be discussing the varieties of taxes in Dubai that one pays. Here, we have listed them below for you sequentially

Direct Taxes 

The direct tax payable by organizations specifically from the oil and gas industry in Dubai and other parts of the UAE is 55%. On the other hand, the direct tax payable by any foreign banks running in Dubai or any other part of the UAE is 20%

Indirect Taxes

Municipal taxes for hotel, entertainment, and commercial space is 10%. While the municipal tax for renting any residential property in Dubai or other parts of UAE is 5%. The VAT or Value added taxes for the majority of cases is 5%.

Double Tax Treaties

This type of tax is a legal agreement between two nations to encourage business relations among them without any charges of double taxation. Currently, Dubai has around 70 tax treaties from different parts of the world.

Who are Tax Advisors?

Tax advisors are individuals with adequate training and knowledge of tax law. Recently, it was noticed that the number of tax consultants has increased significantly all over Dubai. This is because Dubai is prominent for its variation in business from distinctive areas.

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Advisor

Having information regarding the tax system is important for any businessman. Here are some of the benefits that you can get on hiring a tax advisor. Hence, take a look below:
  • They will help you to acknowledge different legal ways for tax payment.
  • Audit of tax provisions and compilation of tax-related documents can also be executed by a tax advisor.
  • Besides, they will perceive your tax controls and enhance them with time.
  • You will not have to be concerned about complicated rates and calculations as they are going to perform the entire tax charge computation.
  • They will strategies the tax to be paid accordingly so that you don’t have to pay much tax.
  • If there are changes in the taxation policy, they will provide you information about it as well.

Shuraa Tax Services that You Can Venture:

As it is clear by now why one should hire a tax advisor, let’s move further to the services you can venture on choosing us.
  • Shuraa Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C provides one of the finest and well experienced UAE tax agents so that you could get expert assistance throughout the process.
  • Besides, our organization hires Vat consultants that are qualified enough to successfully assist you in VAT registration, Vat Compliance, and Vat Return Filing procedures so that you do not have to struggle with such procedures.
  • If a customer demands Vat De-Registration at any point, our Shuraa Tax experts will implement the same and make sure that the entire cancellation is done under the given period without any inconvenience.
  • For any financial assistance or guidance related to tax return preparation, tax expenses or tax revenues, you can always consult our expert team of UAE accounting services. They will make sure that the entire task is executed in strict administration and supervision.
  • Moreover, the accountants hired by us will keep a deep track of bookkeeping and accounts of the clients with extra surveillance.
  • Shuraa Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C will also provide professional excise tax consultants for any consulting related to excise that comprises excise registration, excise compliance or excise advice.

Connect With Us for Best Tax Advisors in Dubai

The entire concept regarding the tax advisors or tax consultant should be clear enough to you by now. However, if you are in search of similar individuals who can grant each of the benefits listed above then connect with us without any hesitation. Tax advisors Dubai is famous for services like Tax structuring, investigation and transfer picking with corporate tax compliance. Other than that, our advisors will estimate your tax returns and fill the VAT returns. So, contact our Shuraa Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C consultants now and let us assist you with the entire concept briefly.