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Excise Compliance Services

Every firm in UAE which is dealing with excise goods (carbonated drinks, energy drinks, tobacco and tobacco products, e-cigarettes and sugar-sweetened beverages) needs to be registered with Federal Tax Authority (FTA). They are required to maintain records of all their taxable transactions as per the FTA's guidelines on excise. The records and accounts of excise goods have to be maintained accurately and in a timely manner to avoid penalties or fines.

It's important for companies in the UAE to abide by the excise tax laws not only to avoid fines but also for managing their company's financial dealings appropriately. Excise registered Companies should file required declarations for the movement of excisable goods on time to avoid any delay in execution and penalty. They need to accurately compile their excise returns and avoid errors as it could lead to loss of reputation for them. Thus, companies need proper guidance and help to manage their excise return. Such help is extended by Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants which is a leading tax agency of Dubai. Our team of experts can assist you not only with filing of excise returns but also with excise compliance as required by UAE's VAT laws.

We have a professional team of tax advisors, accountants and tax agents in Dubai who can help you to review tax computations and ensure that your tax obligations fully comply with the FTA's rules and regulations. We prevent your firm from compliance failures and protect you from potential tax risks. Our agency is the best in the business as we ensure complete taxation support.

Our FTA certified team members promise to help you tackle all your taxation and financial requirements. With the amount of experience that Shuraa Tax consultants firm has, we make sure to give you quick and easy assistance in all your issues related to the excise tax. Contact us today and have your worries and queries of excise tax compliance be fully resolved with 100% reliable guidance.

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