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Tax Residency Certification Assistance

A tax domicile certificate is issued to companies in UAE which have been been in a functional state for at least one year or to the individuals who hold UAE permanent resident visa or have been residing there for a minimum of 180 days. This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Finance of UAE. Individuals or companies which do not comply with the written norms for tax residency certification are bound to face heavy penalties as per the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) defined laws and procedures.

There are certain rules and regulations related to obtaining a tax residency certificate in UAE which every firm in the UAE has to abide by. To get help in obtaining and managing the same, the firms need reliable assistance from atax consultant firm in Dubai. Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants provides complete assistance to the companies in managing their finances and consults them on procedures for timely procurement of the certificate. We cater to tax management requirements suited to every entity's needs. We work towards achieving excellence and stay abreast of frequent variations in the tax implementation policies in UAE.

We are an FTA certified tax agency of Dubai that provides the best advisory andaccounting services in Dubaiand promises to fulfill all the tax and VAT related requirements of a firm. Our aim is to provide unprecedented value to our customers with our high-quality services which we present to them at affordable rates.

Contact our expert team and get 100% assured assistance on how your company could best manage the impact of UAE VAT laws. Get in touch with us either through call or you could email us for any query on VAT or other taxation issues.

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