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Why do you need an FTA tax agent in UAE?

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Shuraa Tax Consultant September 23, 2018

Before understanding the need for an FTA tax agent in UAE, it is crucial to know who an FTA tax agent is. As per the Federal Law Number 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures, a Federal Tax Authority Tax Agent also commonly known as an FTA Agent is an individual appointed for a Company to act in his name and on his behalf for his tax affairs.

However, not everyone can become a tax agent in UAE. Individuals need to fulfil the mandatory requirements imposed by the Federal Tax Authority to become an FTA tax agent. The FTA has specified conditions and qualifications, in addition to passing the Authority’s tests to become a tax agent in Dubai UAE.

So, why exactly would Companies require an FTA tax agent in Dubai?

An FTA tax agent’s key role is to successfully implement UAE tax systems for your company. Nevertheless, there are a lot of contributions an FTA agent makes towards the taxation functioning of a company.

Some of them are listed below:

  • FTA Tax agents strengthen ties between the Federal Tax Authority and the taxable persons.
  • FTA tax agent in UAE provides advanced knowledge and extensive practical experience which ultimately benefits the company.
  • A tax agent represents any entity or individual before the Authority, helping them meet their tax commitments and know their rights.
  • Tax agents help businesses be tax compliant, manage records, meet standards accurately, avoiding errors in registration.
  • FTA tax agents in Dubai are basically strategic partners for the companies. With businesses to fulfill their tax obligations toward the Authority, tax agents provide services such as filing returns, internal tax audit and prepare needed accounting procedures for tax compliance.
  • Tax agents are required to be fluent in Arabic and English. Because of which, companies can be locally efficient in terms of Arabic and translate documents effectively.
  • FTA agents can also submit requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the FTA.
  • Tax agents can be helpful to represent foreign & offshore companies before FTA.

If you are looking out for a competent tax agent in Dubai, then SHURAA’s Tax Agents can help you! Shuraa Tax Consultants offer FTA certified tax agents to manage all your requirements related to tax services, tax consultation and VAT registration in the UAE.

To know more about our tax agent or for existing offers on tax and accounting services request a call back on +971508912062.

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