Your questions related to VAT filing answered

Your questions related to VAT filing answered


How to file VAT returns in the UAE?

Companies that are registered with the FTA, need to file their return using the Federal Tax Authority portal and their online services. VAT e-filing will be active on the portal of Federal Tax Authority But, the best and easiest to do this is through appointing a tax consultant or taking guidance from tax advisories.

When to file VAT returns to avoid penalties?

The interval to file a tax return is likely to be 3 months for most of the companies, that can be calculated as 4 times a year. Nevertheless, there are also some companies that need to file VAT in the UAE on monthly basis.

What are the penalties for not filing VAT return in the UAE?

The procedures to file a VAT return in the UAE is quite simple and can be done with the help of a Tax Advisory firm. After the VAT implementation has been done by a company. Regular bookkeeping procedures and tax filing routine must be followed to avoid any penalties.

Any delay is filing the tax return can attract penalties such as 1,000 AED for the first time and 2,000 AED in case of repetition within 24 months.

Why is it crucial to file VAT returns?

Filing VAT return in the UAE is a recognized process to report the financial proceeding of a company. VAT is paid every interval and must be accurate to the substantial records, ledgers, and the financial statements of the company. The main purpose of filing a return is to show the summary of the value added tax to the authorities. It stands as evidence that VAT obligations are thoroughly followed by the company.

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