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Documents required for VAT registration in Dubai
Shuraa Tax Consultant June 5, 2023

Documents required for VAT registration in UAE

Documents required for Dubai VAT registration will be submitted to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) via a web portal. To obtain the Tax Registration Number (TRN) for the firm, several conditions for VAT registration in the UAE must be met. 

If a company’s taxable supply and imports surpass the statutory registration level of AED 375,000, it must register for VAT. Furthermore, a company may opt to register for VAT voluntarily if the total amount of its taxable supply and imports (or taxable costs) exceeds the AED 187,500 voluntary registration level. 

Penalties may apply for non-compliance with the UAE VAT Executive Regulations and law. There is also the danger of a firm losing its legal position and consumer confidence as a result of noncompliance with regulatory laws.  

Registration for VAT in Dubai 

Dubai is a business-friendly city as well as a tourist destination. Fortunately, Dubai’s tax regulations adhere to international norms and are cost-effective, effective, and transparent. To minimize any disincentives for organizations, the necessity to register for VAT in Dubai may vary depending on your company’s turnover. Furthermore, the VAT registration requirements in Dubai are easy, open, and convenient.  Once your company has been officially registered, you will obtain a VAT certificate confirming one of the tax obligation fulfilments. 

Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE

Businesses must complete the necessary documentation in order to register for VAT in the UAE. VAT registration and fee payment (for paid services) will be completed online. The documents listed below are necessary for VAT registration in the UAE

  • Business Trade License or Commercial License  
  • Passport copies of the owner or partners of the company mentioned on the license
  • Emirates ID of the owners/ partners of companies (as per the business license) 
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) 
  • Complete Company Address 
  • Authorized Signatory’s Contact with email, number 
  • Company Bank Details including IBAN letter
  • Details of branch (if any) 
  • Turnover Declaration (Signed & Stamped by the owner or the manager) 
  • Amount of the expected revenue, turnover, and taxable expense for the next 30 days  
  • To specify if Company does GCC export or import  
  • Provide the custom code along with the copy of Dubai Customs letter (if any)
  • Specify if your company would like to be registered as a tax group  
  • As per the Federal Tax Authority, you may also require additional documents or authorization depending on your business activity, the jurisdiction of business and other such factors. 

Timeline for VAT Registration 

The materials will be submitted electronically. Following online VAT registration, you will get the Tax Registration Number (TRN) from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The Processing time is 20 business working days from the date of sharing complete information with FTA. The application may take more time in case of additional details requirement.  

Significance of VAT Registration in Dubai  

Paying taxes is viewed as an expenditure by some business owners. They have no idea that registering their businesses for VAT might bring several benefits.  

  • It raises the company’s profile. Companies may, of course, show off their VAT registration to essential stakeholders, business associates, which will increase their dependability and client preference. Customers are more inclined to prefer a company that has registered for VAT than one that does not.  
  • Tax avoidance is sometimes considered a crime, and if proven guilty, the corporation may face severe financial penalties in case of non or delayed compliance. Registering your business for VAT in Dubai avoids these situations and guarantees that your firm develops while also benefiting society.
  • It should be underlined that VAT is not intended to burden enterprises. VAT refunds are available in certain instances.
  • Overall, it helps the company capture a broader market and boost its reputation, which leads to a larger client base. 

Required Documents for Tax Group Registration 

A tax group registration application can be made by businesses in the UAE. A tax group can also be formed by several enterprises of various types. According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), if entities are related party with a common ownership of 50% or more, then all those companies can be combined into one tax group, and the FTA will issue a single TRN for the entire group of companies Group structure, no objection letter and turnover declaration needs to be submitted. 

How do I register for VAT in Dubai? 

Online registration for VAT is available. To register for VAT, individuals or businesses must first create an account on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website

Several official documents are needed for VAT registration. Before submitting a VAT registration application to the FTA, a few crucial documents must be attached with the application. After the Tax Registration Number (TRN) has been approved, a VAT Certificate will be issued. A distinctive and specific Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be attached to each VAT certificate. 

Registering a Tax Group 

Only the group’s representative company may submit an application for tax group registration. A representative firm of the group must file an application for VAT registration. Each potential member of the Tax Group is required to: 

  • Being a person of law (not a natural person) 
  • Be a UAE resident who is not a part of another Tax Group. 
  • Must have place of establishment or a fixed establishment in UAE 
  • Must be related party of group members and representative 
  • one or more persons conducting business in a partnership must control the others 

Why Shuraa tax? 

Businesses must create an online account on the FTA website and complete the VAT registration form in order to register for VAT in the UAE. The above-mentioned documents can be uploaded, and the procedure completed while registering for VAT on the internet site. Contact Shuraa Tax Consultants if you are confused how to proceed or if you have any questions concerning the paperwork necessary for VAT registration in Dubai

Shuraa Tax Consultants provides a full solution for UAE VAT registration services, including the provision of documentation necessary for VAT registration in Dubai and throughout the UAE, as well as assistance with the online registration procedure. Our tax consultants guarantee that the VAT registration procedure is simple We give comprehensive counselling in terms of FTA VAT registration online, tax accounting services, financial record keeping, bookkeeping services, corporate taxation, and so forth. Contact Shuraa Tax Consultants right immediately for UAE VAT implementation! All you need to do is reach out to us on or give us a call on +971 508912062.

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