Do you need a VAT Certificate to do business in Dubai?

Do you need a VAT Certificate to do business in Dubai?


Businesses and companies in Dubai as well as across the UAE have been introduced to value-added-tax for some time now. Coping with the changes, commercial entities have adopted various ways to tackle taxation within the organization. One such change that businesses have instigated is to verify the VAT certificate of their suppliers and dealers.

But is VAT certificate a mandatory?

To substantiate your business and commercial activities you would need to apply for a VAT certificate. However, to do business in the UAE, you do not need to get the VAT certificate from your suppliers and dealers.

Businesses can just get the TRN Number / Tax Registration Number to verify their suppliers and dealers. The UAE VAT Registration Number or TRN number can be crosschecked on the official website of Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Thus, there is no need of directly checking the VAT certificate and the TRN number is sufficient.

The Federal Tax Authority has also offered provisional Tax Registration Number of companies who submitted their UAE VAT registration applications after the deadline. The FTA did this to allow such companies to conduct business and comply with their tax obligations. Nevertheless, companies need to complete their UAE VAT Registration procedures and submit the FTA all required documents.

The FTA also supports the UAE businesses to fulfill with tax regulations and to certify that their operations are not disordered. The provisional UAE Tax Registration Number enables commercial transactions and validates the legal status of the taxable entities. However, obtaining a validated UAE VAT certificate is only possible after completing the procedures.

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