Simple steps to file UAE VAT returns

Filling your UAE VAT returns is mandatory for companies across the country. Commercial entities and businesses must file their UAE VAT return on time to avoid any penalties. Tax liable companies must pay and file taxes before the due date for each return, which by the 28th day of the month following the end of each Tax Period.

The Federal tax Authority FTA has made it simple for UAE VAT payable entities. There are basically three methods through which companies and business can file VAT returns in the UAE.

The first method is through the FTA portal; the second method is called GIBAN which is a unique IBAN number that is given to every taxable person to make the payment through a Bank Teller and the third method is through a VAT consulting and service company.

You may choose any method to file your UAE VAT returns, voluntarily or through an accounting company in Dubai. These simple steps will help you understand and apply the process of filing UAE VAT return.

Simple steps to file your VAT returns in the UAE

  1. Login to the FTA e-services portal and go to the ‘VAT’ tab. You will be able to access all your due VAT returns.
  2. Click VAT 201 – New VAT Return and fill up the complete Form along with the details such as:
    • The sales and all other outputs as well as expenses and all other inputs
    • The net amounts excluding VAT.
    • The VAT amounts.
    • Once the above details are filled the system will then calculate the payable or refundable tax automatically.
  3. Review all the information entered, ensure to complete all the mandatory fields required and affirm to the declaration before submitting the form. Also, make sure that the automatically calculated VAT Return is correct and only then submit the form.
  4. Settle the payable VAT (if applicable) through “My Payments” tab. Meeting the payment deadlines is crucial while filing UAE Vat returns.

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