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As per the regulatory Authority Federal Tax Authority Registration in UAE, all the businesses whose annual revenue is Dh 375,000 or more than that are needed to be registered with VAT. Even tax payment needs to be cleared within the due date. Hence to make the paid tax legitimate, you must have all the records of invoices, vat returns, vat accounting, and other significant proceedings at the moment of purchase.

Vat Registered Business Charge

The minimum rate of Vat is 5% which is also applicable in the UAE. Some tax rate varies from 50% to 100% for the carbonated drinks, tobacco drinks, and energy drinks as well. As Vat is a newly adopted concept, the businesses in the UAE have to face many difficulties while implementing it on their business. Basically, due to this reason, one would need Vat consultancies. Their main motto is to provide advice on general Vat liabilities as well as on the Vat implications of any transactions that businesses are going to undertake to their business.

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Shuraa Tax Tax Consultants have tax consultants who are not only experts but also have years of experience. They would provide efficient consultations for any type of tax-related concerns. The services that we offer for you are:

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We provide value to our clients and satisfy them with our best-in-class services. Having spent a lot of time in the field, our experts have vast knowledge to drive your business in the right direction.

UAE Tax Agent Services

If you have a business, then it's important for you to have a clear idea about the VAT laws as they would make a huge impact on your business operations and transactions. To avoid penalties, keep on updating with the laws and rules of VAT. Even if you meet the eligibility criteria given by FTA, you can claim your Vat returns. In case you face any difficulties with the Vat laws, get in touch with our FTA certified tax consultants.

Vat Registration Services

Whether you have your own company or running your own individual business, UAE VAT registration is mandatory for you. As per the laws of FTA, all the businesses have to fill up the Vat registration form and configure the online account on the FTA website. So, if you are not aware about the procedures of the Vat registration, do not worry, Shuraa Tax Consultants are here for you.

Whether you need help in tax implementation or need important documents for your business, our expert tax consultants will guide you in every field and help your business to grow.

Vat Compliance Services

Showing compliance with the Vat laws is necessary for all businesses. Registering with Vat will allow you to sustain all the important records related to your financial dealings or Vat return and others. This will then help to show your liability with the Vat laws. Apart from having knowledge of Vat laws, one must have an idea of how to implement it. In case you are unable to cope up with the changes with the Vat laws, you must take help from an expert.

Shuraa Tax Consultants offer affordable and reliable Vat compliance services which will resolve all your compliance issues. Through our professional group of tax agents and advisors, you will get proper guidance on Vat laws and their impact on your business.

Vat Return Filing Assistance

As per Vat laws in UAE, each taxable person will have to follow the Vat return filing procedure. FTA prescribes a special form that all taxable persons would fill up within the 28 days from the end of each tax period. In case any of the company or individual is unable to submit their VTA returns within the time, they have to pay extra fines.

The procedure for VAT return is a little tricky and seems to be difficult to follow. So, if you live in the UAE and looking for a qualified and experienced tax agent, Shuraa Tax Consultants will be the right place for you. Our advisors will listen to your issues carefully and based on that they would provide you effective solutions. With the help of our expert, you will be able to submit your Vat return filing on time.

Vat-De-Registration Services

The VAT has some eligibility criteria and for registering with VAT, you need to meet those criteria. In case you are not eligible then, you could apply for Vat de-generation to discontinue or mitigate the Vat registration procedure. Vat registration in UAE can be canceled for various reasons which are based on the conditions set according to the UAE's law on VAT. So, if you need any advice on the Vat-De-Registration process, get in touch with the highly qualified staff at Shuraa Tax Consultants. As we are one of the leading tax consultants in UAE, our expert team can solve all your tax management issues and Vat related problems.

Other Additional Services That We Offer:

We offer a wide range of services for our clients across the world. Apart from Vat services, our other best services are-

UAE Excise Tax

UAE Accounting Services

Other Taxation Services

Shuraa Tax Consultants is a one-stop solution that is able to provide solutions based on your situation and needs. So, speak out to our efficient advisors and get quick resolution on various sectors like tax, legal, financial or commerce for the growth of your business.

Why Do You Choose Us?

We have extended our efficiency beyond your expectations. For the convenience of our clients, we have made our services reasonable. FTA included several taxation policies and updated them from time to time in UAE. Shuraa Tax Consultants has modified and used many ways to help and manage your business.


We have a group of team members who are not only knowledgeable but also qualified. With their proper insights, we could guide and show you the various other aspects of your business.


Having spent a lot of years in the field of accounting and tax consultancy help us to be up to date with changing laws and taxation rules in UAE. We offer the best bookkeeping solutions for you. Before regulating any book-keeping for your company, our experts would assess your present situation so that you would get all your records and registrations as per your requirement.


If you are a businessman and worried about your budget then, we have various types of services that will easily fit into your budget.

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Shuraa Tax Consultants offer limitless opportunities for their clients. Whether you need assistance for your Vat related issues or investment banking, tax management issues or financial statement, we offer outstanding and high-quality services for our clients.

Not only our expert would help you to understand the tax-related laws, but it also helps you in implementing them. So, if you want growth and productivity for your business feel free to contact us. You can also write to us to mail all your queries and issues. Our efficient advisors will get back to you as soon as possible in the best possible ways.

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