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VAT penalty waiver in UAE
Shuraa Tax Consultant June 21, 2023

Thе Unitеd Arab Emiratеs (UAE) has madе a namе for itself as a booming international commercial centre, drawing businеssеs from all industries. In order to promote an environment that is businеss-friеndly, thе UAE established a Valuе Added Tax (VAT) system in 2018. While maintaining VAT compliancе is essential, penalties may result from erroneous еvеnts that affеct organisations. Thе Federal Tax Authority (FTA) fortunately grants a VAT Penalty Waiver in UAE, giving companies a much-nееdеd lifеlinе during difficult circumstances.

Thе VAT Pеnalty Waivеr in UAE provided by thе FTA allows taxpayers to request rеliеf from administrative penalties imposed by tax legislation. The FTA has еxclusivе authority to provide еxеmptions or reduction based on thе facts of еach particular instancе. This blog will dig into thе complexities of thе VAT pеnalty waivеr, еxamining its numеrous bеnеfits, thе qualifying critеria that firms must achiеvе, thе application procеdurе, and commonly askеd issuеs. Understanding thе VAT pеnalty waivеr in UAE may bе crucial in managing potеntial penalties and еnsuring your firm rеmains on solid financial footing, whеthеr you opеratе in Dubai or any other Emirates.

What exactly is VAT Penalty Waiver in UAE?

The VAT Penalty Waiver in UAE is an initiative mounted with the resources of the FTA to offer assistance to companies going via results for VAT non-compliance. It lets businesses to request remission of FTA penalties beneath specific occasions.  

Benefits of VAT Penalty Waiver in UAE

  1. Financial Relief: The VAT penalty waiver offers organizations thе possibility to skip thе penalties, releasing them from predominant monetary responsibilities. 
  1. Second Chance: It encourages a positive business environment in the UAE by giving companies a second chance to correct their non-compliance and get back on the track.   
  1. Continued Operations: Using VAT penalty waivers in Dubai, UAE, businesses are able to retain business without stress about going through extreme financial outcomes.

Qualifications for the VAT penalty waivers in UAE

  • Genuine Reason: According to the FTA, businesses must provide a real explanation for their noncompliance, such as unusual circumstances or inadvertent errors which is acceptable by the FTA.
  • Prompt Rectification: Businesses must take a proactive stance by quickly fixing any non-compliance problems and guaranteeing future adherence to VAT requirements.
  • Cooperative Attitude: During the inquiry and resolution process, the FTA takes into account the company’s readiness to work with the authority and attempt to be tax compliant.

What is the Application Process for VAT Penalty Waivers in the UAE?

The application process for VAT Penalty waivers in UAE are as follows 

  • Filing an application: In order to request a VAT penalty waiver in Dubai, UAE, businesses are required to submit a comprehensive application to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This application should clearly articulate the reasons for non-compliance and be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Timely submission: It is crucial to file the application within the specified timeframe, typically within 40 Business days from the end of the acceptable excuse.
  • Document submission: The application should include relevant documents, such as invoices, duly signed declaration as per FTA format, financial statements, or any other evidence supporting the genuine reason for non-compliance.
  • Communication & Cooperation: Businesses should maintain open communication with the FTA, cooperating fully during the review and resolution process.


The VAT penalty waiver in the UAE acts as a safeguard for businesses confronted with penalties resulting from VAT non-compliance. This initiative offers financial relief, a second chance, and the ability to continue operations, underscoring the UAE’s commitment to supporting businesses and fostering a favourable business environment. If you’re seeking a VAT penalty waiver in Dubai UAE, look no further than Shuraa Tax Consultants. Our team of experienced company tax advisers is ready to assist you in preparing for corporate tax. Contact us at +971 508912062 or send an email to

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the timeframe for applying for a VAT penalty waiver in Dubai, UAE?

The application for a VAT penalty waiver in UAE should be filed within 40 business days from receiving the penalty notification.

Q2. Are there any penalties that cannot be waived?

Some penalties, such as repeated offences, tax evasion, or intentional non-compliance, may not be eligible for a waiver. The FTA assesses each case individually. The waiver is approved only if the reason is justified by the authority. The penalties applied were delayed.

Q3. Can a business apply for waiver of multiple penalties in the UAE?

Yes, businesses can apply for a multiple VAT penalties waiver if they meet the eligibility criteria and can demonstrate genuine reasons for non-compliance.

Q4. Does the VAT penalty waiver scheme apply to all types of businesses?

Yes, the VAT penalty waiver scheme is available to all businesses registered for VAT in the UAE, regardless of their size or sector.

Q5. Are there any specific documents required for the VAT penalty waiver application?

While the required documents may vary depending on the circumstances, generally, businesses should include relevant invoices, declaration, financial statements, or any other evidence supporting the genuine reason for non-compliance.

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