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Why do you need accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai?

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Shuraa Tax Consultant April 3, 2018

Why do you need accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai?

Accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai are the need of the hour! The implementation of VAT in the UAE has not only affected the tax calculation but also changed the way UAE companies operate and do business. Be it accounting services for small business in Dubai, or bookkeeping services for a multinational company – outsourced accounting services UAE can provide the best for you company!

But if you are still thinking whether you need to outsource accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, here are some reasons that will help you decide.

File UAE VAT returns

Companies registered by the FTA for VAT in Dubai or anywhere across UAE need to file tax / VAT returns every interval. These intervals may be maintained on monthly or quarterly basis depending on the nature of the business.

Follow FTA compliances

Taxable entities must adhere the FTA compliances while doing business in the UAE. Businesses that appoint UAE bookkeeping and accounting firms or even tax consultants are for sure updated to incorporate the new VAT laws. Bookkeeping and accounting firms ensure that FTA compliances are updated in your operations, sales, accounting methods, business procedures and expense management systems.

Reduced Costs & Limit Errors

Accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai – UAE can seem like an additional cost. However, outsourcing accounting services can help you reduce costs & limit errors. Accounting in UAE is a tedious task! If you do a mistake you will have to face the penalty, but a professional accountant will know how to lessen costs without any blunders. Professional accountants can limit human error, have complete knowledge about payments and tax obligation, due dates, etc.

Focus on your core business

Taxation in the UAE requires fulltime attention and monitoring. Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai – UAE will enable you to focus on your core business. While you strategize, market, fund, sale and focus on your daily operational, an accounting and bookkeeping firm can handle the taxation aspects of your business.

Thus, to ensure that your company has implied the FTA compliances in all realms and properly maintained the accounts contact Shuraa Tax Consultants.

Shuraa Tax Consultants are the best in accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai and across UAE. We are a Dubai accounting company offering bookkeeping services in UAE to help you manage your finances, assist you with VAT registration, raise VAT compliant invoices, create business reports, generate VAT returns and other bookkeeping services.

For further details of accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai book a free consultation with our expert tax consultants in Dubai or simply call on +971508912062. You can also email us your query at and we will call you back to solve all your doubts.

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